" THE WHY?  "

So why, why do I do this?

Throughout my 20 years of Rugby, 15 of those being a Professional Rugby player, I have witness so many different countries, environments, cultures, races, attitudes, prospectives, beliefs, mindsets, habits & people.

In my journeys regardless of where I am in the world, e.g Africa shanty towns or New Zealand high performance program, 2 things remains the same.  "Rugby integrity & Rugby Values".  

I have witness first hand the positive change these 2 words can bring into an individuals live regardless of what status. 

I truly believe that rugby is more than throwing a ball around & winning championships, it's a #lifechanging experience that when coached with the right  mindset, values & integrity, it starts to change an individual internally & in doing so, it becomes  infectious, it will take hold over your team, & as individuals start to get better, others will notice, not only in the squad but also at home, in the community, other teams will start to notice.

There is a side of Rugby a lot of people don't understand  & my purpose for the YOUBELONGRUGBY program is to help develop & progress their skills as well as the mindset, showing people that it's more that just physical. 

In my experiences as a player & coach, having values & integrity is a long lasting attribute that never goes unnoticed & never forgotten. 


UBrugby providing a service:

  • Teaching basic fundamentals of rugby

  • Educate & Help develop coaches & school teachers that will help the growth of the game in the community.

  • Coaching/Teaching the core values, through playing rugby.

  • Developing the progressions of the players that excel in the program, leading them to a higher honors   ( semi ) professional opportunity here in the US or with our " OFF SHORE " program.

  • Promote a healthy living 

  • Using the ambassadors to promote & reinforce the program, & the right rugby culture.